Samurai of Hyuga – Book 3 review.

So, after talking about book 2, and taking a look at the golden eyed wolf that makes the series’ main antagonist, we finally arrive at book 3. We may have taken way too long to get this point, and posted our analysis is a pretty odd order, but we’re finally here. Once again, this review … Continue reading Samurai of Hyuga – Book 3 review.

Character Analysis – Jun/ko

So, the review for book 3 of the Samurai of Hyuga series is still under work, and should hopefully be finished next week. But in the meantime, I wanted to sort of take some time to look at everyone’s favourite sociopath, Jun/ko. This whole analysis started off as a tangent on why the golden-eyed Ronin … Continue reading Character Analysis – Jun/ko

Games that bind – Culling Bros approved Co-Op games

I don’t think I’ve made a secret of the fact that I put a pretty big emphasis on co-operative action, and generally anything that one can participate in a group. We talked about everything from how horror games can be affected by being played by a group, to how the industry has some promising titles … Continue reading Games that bind – Culling Bros approved Co-Op games