Yakuza Kiwami review (link)

This week's upload is another episode of 'Oliver gushes over the Yakuza,' this time the remake of the first game. I'm fortunate enough that the amazing crew over at Gaming Respawn let me do the review for their website, and thus comes with a lot more fancy pictures and a better summary. Due to posting … Continue reading Yakuza Kiwami review (link)

Yakuza 0 – Spoiler talk

Hey! This is the post where Oliver gushes over all the stuff he couldn’t talk about in the previously posted review (here: https://oliverculling.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/yakuza-0-review/). Be warned that its spoilers all the way down from here! So, Yakuza 0. I’m pretty sure that the review made it abundantly clear that I really like this game, and would … Continue reading Yakuza 0 – Spoiler talk