Gravity Rush – Spoiler talk

Hello, and welcome to the Gravity Rush spoiler talk! For those not in the know, we like to follow up our reviews by talking about all the stuff we couldn’t discuss because of spoilers, most just for fun. As always, we’ll be going forward with the idea you’ve already completed the game, hence won’t be … Continue reading Gravity Rush – Spoiler talk

Gravity Rush 2 –Review

At last, Kat’s gaze turned to the top of the Pillar. When you stop to think about it, it was kind of a dick-move to have the sequel jump ship from the Vita to the PS4. Gravity Rush was the game, the killer app, the essential product that you would get if you bought a … Continue reading Gravity Rush 2 –Review

Importance of local Co-Op innovation in modern gaming.

Welp, another E3 has come and passed, and (like every damn year) events have led to me being really bloody delayed in actually getting any writing done about the event. Like, really delayed this year in particular, to the point where we completely missed last week’s upload. I won’t waste everyone’s time by going over … Continue reading Importance of local Co-Op innovation in modern gaming.