Week delay

Due to unfortunate circumstances, there’s going to be something of a delay (again). Even more unfortunately, it’s probably going to be considerable enough to mean we won’t get another up and ready until Sunday. I say probably because there’s a chance we’ll get it ready for next Wednesday, but it’s fairly slim.

Huge apologises for this: I hate jerking you guys around and being slow to update, but I’d rather we delay things rather than try and rush something out. We’ll try and see if we can do a double update next week to try and compensate.

As a mini-update: God damn, I’ve finally gotten around to playing Gravity Rush 2, and I’m remembering why I fell in love with the first game. The sensation of ‘falling’ through the air is fantastic, and the characters are downright amazingly likeable. Combat could stand a little tweaking, but the setting and atmosphere make up for it. Overall, great stuff.


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