Minor delays (sorry)

Due to elements beyond anyone’s control, this week’s update is going to be delayed until Wednesday. I apologize profusely to everyone who was looking forward to this week’s entry, but if the decision falls into either rushing an update and making it sloppy (well, sloppier) or delaying it, I tend to favor the latter.

Oddly enough, this ISN’T because of the Gaming Respawn situation, and indeed that site’s updates have suffered for the same reason.

After the emergency update on Wednesday, we’ll return to our normal Sunday/Monday updating scheduled, and hopefully we’ll be able to go a few weeks without some problem popping up, ha.

Until then, as a mini-mini update, I’ll say that we’re continuing to trek through Outlast 2, and it’s getting to the point where I’m jumping at shadows. People who have played the game will understand me when I say that I’m NEVER going to a school or school like environment again for as long as I live.


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